UNCRPD Campaign

Pakistan is not only a signatory to the United Nation Convention for the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities but has committed for ratification in July 2011. LCDDP is making deliberate and systematic efforts to create awareness and promote promote rights of the PWDs in line with UNCRPD. LCDDP has designed, developed. published UNCRPD in several accessible formats to ensure its reach to different stakeholders.    

  • UNCRPD Booklet in English (Reprinted in 2008)uncrpd
  • UNCRPD Press Conference at Islamabad Press Club by LCDDP (Jan. 2008)
  • UNCRPD Calendar (2009)
  • UNCRPD Advocacy Poster Campaign in English  (2009)
  • UNCRPD Advocacy Poster Campaign in Urdu (20014)
  • UNCRPD Booklet in Urdu (re-printed)
  • UNCRPD translation in Pashtu  (2012)
  • UNCRPD in Braille language (2013)
  • UNCRPD in Sign Language (Video Documentary-2013)
  • UNCRPD Advocacy poster campaign on Pakistan Special (Back Tile-2012 to date)

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