Implementing Partners

LCDDP has been working with the Community Motivation and Appraisal Program (CAMP) by setting up Disability Resource Center (DRC) at Mansehra from 2007 to 2009 in response to 2005 earthquake.

During Jan 2010 to June 2013, LCDDP has been working on a USAID funded project to economically empower person with disabilities  through 12 implementing  partner in different locations across 12 districts of KPK province. The implementing partner includes; SAHARA -D.I.Khan, IWO-Kohat, HDPG- Peshawar, CAMP- Pubbi, SESWA-Swabi, SWWS- Noshera, PHKN- Haripur, INSAN- Mansehra, IHRO Malakand and SPADO- Swat.

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